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03/18/2018 - 8:30am SS|Sucre Sea Siren [Pompano Dive Center] 19
Time: 8:30AM
Price: $80.00 per person
  • Type: Down Line / Drift

  • Depth range: 175ft. - 225ft. 

  •  Skill level: Tech Only


    Sitting up right on the continental slop, the bow points south in 225 feet of water - this is the Sucre. Surrounded by big fish including Amber Jacks this 237 foot freighter was built in Germany in 1957, ending up in Pompano in 1996. Also known as the Johnny Morris, the wreck is not only intact and upright but offers plenty of penetration options.


    Diving the Sucre will be memorable to say the least. The ship's anchor chain can be seen going all the way from the bow of the ship to the sea floor, disappearing into the sands giving one the idea that it's resting securely on the bottom. One dive will not be enough to take in the the whole of this ship and all it has to offer!

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