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03/15/2018 - 8:30am United Caribbean Sea Siren [Pompano Dive Center] 26
Time: 8:30AM
Price: $65.00 per person

Depth: 75 ft

The United Caribbean, a 150-foot coastal freighter, was known as the Golden Venture when she ran aground in 1993 just 200 yards off the New York coastline while carrying 228 Chinese illegal immigrants. After the immigration troubles, she was used briefly as a cargo boat in the Caribbean and renamed “United Caribbean.” When her owner was unable to pay the wages of its crew on the Florida to Haiti cargo run, the ship was left to rust in the Miami River. 

United Caribbean was scuttled near the wrecks Noula Express and Sea Emperor south of the Boca Raton Inlet and about a mile offshore. She lies slightly southeast of the Sea Emperor with a 500 foot trail of concrete debris creating a pathway between the two wrecks. The ship’s profile is to about 45 feet. Much of the sea life from the Sea Emperor has branched off and inhabited this wreck as well. Divers have spotted jacks, yellowtail and barracudas. 

The cargo area and upper decks of United Caribbean are good spots for beginning wreck divers to explore. A door leads into the lower decks. The lower areas should be explored only by advanced, experienced wreck divers.